Thursday 3 May 2012

Vidya Samson, Indian Maidens Bust Loose

vidya samson indian maidens bust loose

If you are a regular reader, today's review may give you a bit of a shock.  Indian Maidens Bust Loose is a light, easy-going and fluffy novel, which ultimately can be thrown into the drawer marked 'romance'.  Vidya Samson has asked me to review it for her and I agreed, even if the book is totally not in line with my usual choice of literature.  This much in the way of explanation, let us now turn to the book itself.

Indian Maidens Bust Loose is advertised as a clash-of-cultures comedy and on this front it totally delivers.  American relatives arrive to visit a traditional Indian family.  Inevitably, chaos follows.  We witness it through the eyes of Nisha, an unmarried daughter of the hosts, who dreams of going to America and/or marrying a handsome man.  There are New Age fanatics (well, at least one), corrupt officials, malicious neighbours, white chargers and even holy cows - all generously spiced with semi-sarcastic and undeniably funny commentary of the narrator.  An easy and entertaining story of the laugh-out-loud kind.

I have no idea how accurate the book is in portraying Indian (or, for that matter, American) society, but there are some things I just won't believe, no matter what.  Like a young American girl, quite literally beating the hell out of numerous grown up and desperate men - oh, really?  Then again - light fiction novels are written to be entertaining, not convincing, so let me officially declare - within its genre, Indian Maiden Bust Loose holds its own.

Oh, the book is finished off with a prolonged, miracle-spiked and totally unrealistic happy end.  I'll let you, dear reader, decide whether it's a warning or recommendation.

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